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Right Click for Custom Filter
Tips and Tricks
In this week's Tuesday Training Tip, discover a quick method for refining your report post-execution. Simply right-click on any field within your report to reveal a pop-up box. From there, you can effortlessly apply a custom filter tailored to the value within that particular field. Check out the brief video tutorial for a step-by-step demonstration!
Cross Tab a Report
Tips and Tricks
A cross tab allows you to display a report using a column value in a grid as the column header. This allows you to analyze the relationship of that value with one or more other columns in the report. For example, you want to see a count of the number of courses offered in an academic year within a specific group of departments. You may even want to know what instructors are assigned to those courses and how many courses each instructor is assigned to. You can create a cross tab to analyze this data. Although this example utilizes Student reporting, cross tabs can be used throughout all of the FAST applications. First, run your report using your selected filters. Open the Advanced Options tab. Expand the Cross Tab section. Select the value in the report that you want to become your column headings. The column headings in my example will be the course subject. Next, determine what you are going to populate the rows with and how you want to calculate that row. I have selected to populate the column heading (Department) with the CRN (Course Number). Next, I'll decide how I want to calculate the field. I am going to count the courses within that subject. When I execute the report, the new report will display how many courses exist within the given subject. I can add additional rows to the report by selecting additional rows to be displayed within the Grid Options section. Once you are satisfied with your cross tab, make sure you pin the result so that you can use it again without recreating the crosstab.
Change a Column Title
Tips and Tricks
In this Tuesday Training Tip, learn how to change the header text on a column. If you have administrative access, you can change the column heading on a report. Access the Administration tab of the reporting page. Locate and expand the Data Grid Columns section. Navigate to the column row and select the header text. From here you can change the name of the column. Once you save your changes, all users will now see the new column header text.
April 23, 2024
Add Columns to a Report
Tips and Tricks
Are there any columns on a report that are not currently visible? In this Tuesday Training Tip, you'll discover how to add and hide these columns from a report. After running any report, click on 'select report columns' in the grid toolbar. A list of all available columns will appear. By selecting the checkbox next to the column name, you can include it in the report. Conversely, unchecking the box will remove the column from the report. Keep in mind that only columns marked as 'on' or 'de-selected' within the Administration settings can be toggled on and off. These are not permanent changes. Use the administration page to make permanent changes to the column settings.
Add a Tooltip
Tips and Tricks
When you're training new employees on a report in FAST, you can save a lot of time by adding tooltips to a column. A tooltip allows you to add text that appears as a pop-up when users hover their cursor over the column title when running the report, which can help with additional explanation beyond the column title. To add a tooltip, access the Administration tab of a report. Expand the Data Grid Columns section. Navigate to the column row and scroll to the right to find the tooltip. Enter the text you would like to display when a user hovers over the column. Save the report and execute it to confirm the changes. Be aware you are limited to 500 characters and only those with appropriate security access can add tooltips.
March 26, 2024
Add a Filter to a Report
Tips and Tricks
In this Tuesday Training Trip, you'll learn that not all filters may be displayed on a report. There could be inactive filters that you can add to a report! If you have the appropriate access, navigate to the Administration Tab of a report. Scroll down to the Filter Options section. Expand that section. You'll see all the filters that are currently active. If you click on the Add New Filter Option button, you will open a pop-up box and select additional fields that can be added as a filter. Note that only one can be selected at a time. Choose your filter from one of the available fields. Complete the filter options to build your filter. After you save, make sure that you reload the report so that the new filter option is activated.
February 13, 2024

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