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Empower your campus workforce with data

Improve business processes to streamline departments and the flow of information in order to get data into the hands of those that need it the most.

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Who Uses FAST

Support for every role in your campus

We support the workflow of nearly every area on campus by providing the correct information in a timely manner - from the Print Shop to the President's Office.

Financial Management

  • Provide accurate comprehensive reports to help manage Budget to Actuals and see trends that you can react to quickly.

Budget and Forecasting

  • Include all Budget Managers and Account Holders in the Budgeting Process.
  • Enjoy campus-wide Budgeting and Forecasting, flexible "What If" Budget scenario planning, and multi-year planning.

Office of The Registrar

  • Get access to detailed registration records, academic history and general student information.
  • Quickly see enrollment numbers by Degree, Program, Department, Major, or Class, and easily track withdrawals, waitlists, and class capacity in real-time.
  • Plus, easily notify your students of class changes, or campus closures.


  • Get access to all incoming and past applications, and see application status, test result, prior college and high school and check list information.
  • Communicate directly or on mass with your applicant pools via email or text, using custom letters personalized with your look and feel.
  • Compare year over year trends.

Student Success

  • Track students academic and enrollment status.
  • Get access to athlete and sport team information, as well as Student Advising information.
  • Easily communicate to your student body via text and email.

Student Accounts

  • Easily access student account balances with the ability to drill down to detail charges.
  • Quickly identify outstanding accounts.


  • Track degree and convocation applications.
  • Create quick audit reports to make sure nothing is missed.
  • Easily track convocation attendance requests.

Financial Aid

  • Keep track of everything in your financial aid department, from aid that has been awarded to aid that has been disbursed.

Faculty and Instructors

  • Faculty can quickly and easily generate operational reports such as class lists, schedules, program lists, and student accounts.

Human Resources

  • Keep track of employees, what they are working on, and what leave they are taking.
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Rapid Deployment

Deploy in hours not days

Millennium will install, maintain and upgrade FAST reducing time your IT has to spend on implementation and maintenance.
Pre-Built Reports: Accelerate your project and get immediate proven results. FAST Millennium reporting solution comes pre-built with ready to use reports.
Make and meet deadlines: FAST is complete, tested, and ready to run in a production environment.
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Why campuses choose FAST

Don't just take our word for it, hear from some of the most valued campuses in the industry.

Jefferson College

“All 3rd party solutions end up being a headache for us, except for FAST.”
Mark Smreker
Manager of Software Development

Carleton University

“If you say FAST to someone at Carleton, they know what you mean.”
Valerie Evans
Director, Business Operations

Community College of Rhode Island

“The first time I ran an operating statement, it was like someone turned the lights on - I could see."
Kristen Albritton
VP Finance and Strategy
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