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Our FAST software suite for higher education unlocks the full potential of your ERP by transforming data into information that drives student success.

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Access from anywhere: Available wherever you are working from.
Data at your fingertips: Enjoy on-demand reporting and convenient scheduled report delivery.

fast software for higher education

Don't just take our
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Millennium isn't just about creating software, our goal is to ensure that you continue to drive success by helping you make decisions in real-time through our comprehensive suite of higher education software named FAST.
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Fast for higher education

An all-in-one platform

FAST Software for faculty, staff and administration across higher education campuses including colleges, universities, trade schools and polytechnics.
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Runs on all platforms, eliminating the need for end users to replace hardware and software.
Millennium will install, maintain and upgrade FAST reducing time your IT has to spend on maintenance.
Allow all account holders to view their own data enabling them to make decisions in realtime.
Save time with our web-based environment instead of installing and maintaining on desktops.
Responsive support is always available to answer business process and best practice questions.
Multiple dashboards allow for better decision making for key performance indicators.

FAST is completely customizable,
easy to set up, and fully integrated.

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100% web-based platform
No client software to install
Remote implementation
Deploy in hours