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Navigate to a Previously Run Report


Welcome to this edition of Tuesday Tips! Occasionally, you may find yourself needing to revisit the most recent report you executed or even one from 20 minutes ago. Instead of re-executing the report, there are two efficient ways to navigate back quickly. If you wish to view the most recent report, click the left arrow (โ†) located in the FAST information bar (not your browser's back button). Hovering over the icon will reveal the last report you ran, and by clicking the โ†, FAST will promptly direct you to that specific report. For those moments when you want to return to a report from an earlier part of your session, simply hover over the clock symbol (๐Ÿ•) in the FAST information bar. This action will display a list of reports you've run during your session. Choose the desired report, select it, and you'll be taken directly back to that report.

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