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Discover how our Faculty Load & Compensation module transformed administrative efficiency and collaboration for academic departments at Douglas College.

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Douglas College faced significant challenges with manual budgeting, course planning, and workload calculations, leading to time-consuming processes and potential errors. The administrative burden involved extensive coordination among departments, often resulting in anxiety and inefficiency during the bi-annual budgeting process.
Douglas College was able to streamline their budgeting and workload planning. This new process reduced manual data entry, improved efficiency, and cut down the time required from weeks to days. The administrative team now has access to automated calculations and current data snapshots, enabling more accurate and timely budget management. This transformation has shifted the colleges focus from tedious data entry to strategic decision-making and oversight.
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Discover how our Enrollment Planning & Forecasting module optimized course scheduling and financial planning at Okanagan College.

Ready for change
Okanagan College's manual course scheduling involved multiple Excel spreadsheets and extensive email coordination across four campuses and unnecessary duplicate entry. As a result academic departments could not easily view and modify proposed course schedules without it being an intensive an administrative burden.
Okanagan College achieved a nearly 50% reduction in time spent planning annual course schedules by adopting Millennium’s Enrollment planning software. The solution shifted their focus from data entry to data validation and optimization, leading to better room utilization, earlier identification of bottlenecks, and a more student-centered schedule.

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